About The Platter Company

Hello there! Thank you for clicking About The Platter Company – nice to meet you 🙂 My name is Jacqui and I am the chef cook and bottle washer around here. My amazing team is a dedicated group of fun foodie professionals that share a common vision and passion for delicious food!

Our shop is located in beautiful Burlington in Aldershot village. We offer catering, a gourmet to go market with frozen to fabulous appetizers, desserts and pastries, artisan cheese & charcuterie meats, rental charcuterie boards as well as unique goodies to help with all of your entertaining needs.

We believe in inclusive eating. What does that mean? Well, it means that we promise to ensure that we provide you with amazing choices for everyone regardless if you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or dairy free.

Our model is simple. We want to ensure your experience is worry free, stress free and happy. Everytime. The only difficulty we want you to have is choosing something! Did I mention we are also relationship obsessed? We won’t stalk you, don’t get me wrong, but we do want you to come back. Every order is met with the same love and attention to detail. If we wouldn’t eat it, or be proud of how it looks, it doesn’t go out the door. Wowing you is why we get up in the morning!

Come in and visit us, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see our test kitchen newbies and see what all the fuss is about. Cheers!

Our philosophy…

To provide you with fantastic food, embrace a vegetarian, vegan, dairy/gluten free world and be constantly on the look out for new and exciting platters & presentation ideas.  To use the very best local suppliers, to listen to our clients and have fun from our kitchen to yours!

What Our Customers Have to Say