Nothing beats being invited to a party! But what to bring? From birthdays to housewarming & seasonal events, our hostess gifts are sure to impress both you and the hostess! Just let us know what you would like to have from our menu, and we will wrap your platter of choice in a clear wrap and deliver it straight to your home or office, party ready! The hostess receives an appetizer for the table or something they can nibble on later. No worries trying to have to remember to bring the platter home they keep it as a gift! A perfect solution for busy people!


In today’s corporate world everyone is looking for that little something different. Our corporate gift solutions are just that. By sending your clients a ‘thank you’ platter, they not only receive a special, yummy treat, but a beautiful platter they can reuse and of course, keeps your business top of mind!

Call 905.464.1138 or email us to help you select that perfect gift!

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