Our Market

The Platter Company is an old school market…and proud of it! There’s a nostalgia that comes with wandering a local market. A time warp back to the good ole days. A snapshot of a simpler time. And here at The Platter Company, we want to bring that feeling back!

We used to love going to our local market hunting for fresh foods and unique goodies. Not knowing what we would find was half the fun (next to eating them). That’s why we created our Gourmet Market. Dedicated to the foodie experience, our Gourmet Market is a one-stop-shop for everything from appetizers and desserts, to grab-and-go products, and small-batch creations we make from scratch. Each and every day we cook up a collection of artisanal gourmet goodness for you to bring home and enjoy.

Elevate your everyday with our delicious selection of grab and go charcuterie, fresh dips, salads, sandwiches, breads, meats, cheese, olives and desserts. Our selection of goodies changes every day, so come visit us for everything from grazing to gatherings & gift baskets!
quiche with side salad