Back to School season is once again here. Time to say goodbye to those lazy hazy days of summer with no alarm clocks and no schedule. Many welcome the return to routine; the kids having sports & lessons again; and the cool mornings and evenings where windows can be open while you sleep. It can be a busy time with the sudden change of schedule feeling a bit overwhelming. That’s where we come in….

We want to eliminate the stress for you and make things easy! So you can start the school year on the right foot.  Here’s how:

Dinner Ideas

Weeknights are busy – you get home from the office and have only a hour before you have to head off for gymnastics or hockey practice. That’s when you throw in one of our gourmet prepared meals (or even better get the kids to put it in the oven before you get home so you walk into the wonderful smells of home cooking!) Our chicken or beef meatballs in our house tomato sauce are delish – just boil a pot of water and throw in some pasta and dinner is ready.  Delicious cabbage rolls or shepherds pie are always a fave.  Or carb them up before practice with our Tortellini Alfredo or Cheese/Spinach cannelloni. And promise us when we say you can NEVER go wrong with our Mac & Cheese! (A fave of kids of All ages!) So many delicious frozen to fabulous meals that you can have on hand in your freezer for ‘one of those nights’. And if every night is ‘one of those nights’ – hey, we won’t judge!

Mac and cheese

Side Dishes

We get it, you want your kids to eat veggies. We’ve got side dishes ready to go; just heat and serve. Mashed potatoes (3 ways!); heirloom glazed carrots, French green beans with shallots and you can’t forget the brussel sprouts!

We’ve got fresh salads to make things extra-easy for you plus our Bread Bar has a great assortment of rolls, baguettes and breads that make the perfect addition to your meal.

Mashed potatoes
caesar salad

Lunch Ideas/Meals for One

Back to school also means back to making lunches (we feel your pain!) We can help! Our meals for one make the perfect lunch. Heat up in the morning and put in a thermos and a perfect healthy warm lunch for school. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes, chicken parmesan  and shepherds pie. We also have delish soups and chilis that make a warm healthy lunch.

We can’t forget your ‘big kids’ at university or college. They can’t survive on pizza and KD so let us help! We deliver across Ontario so send them a care package of our delish meals that they can just heat and enjoy. One less worry for you!

Frozen meals

Everything Else!

We’ve also got yummy desserts, brunch items, pastas & sauces and lots more! And can’t forget the beer & wine – or as we like to call it Momma and Papa juice!  We look forward to seeing you in the market soon….have a great Back to School season!

box of beignets

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